Ireland’s first walk-in centre for drug and alcohol testing opens in Dublin

glass of alchohol and open bottle of pills

Ireland’s first walk-in centre for drug and alcohol testing is now open in Dublin, providing additional support for businesses that require sample collection for drug and alcohol testing programmes.

The new walk-in centre, located at Harcourt Centre on Harcourt Road in Dublin and operated by AlphaBiolabs, a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing solutions for the workplace, is the first of its kind to open in Ireland.

Businesses using the walk-in centre to support occupational health programmes have access to experienced clinicians who have been specially trained to collect a range of samples from employees being tested for drug and/or alcohol misuse, including hair, nail, blood, breath, urine, fingerprint, and oral fluid (saliva).

AlphaBiolabs clinicians are also trained to collect samples under strict chain of custody conditions, so all test results are legally admissible, HR-compliant, and in line with workplace drug and alcohol policies.


Rachel Davenport, Director at AlphaBiolabs, said: “Substance misuse at work is a serious issue and, with health and safety remaining front of mind, we have seen an increasing number of enquiries from businesses who want to mitigate against the risks posed by drug and/or alcohol abuse in the workplace.

“Our new Dublin walk-in centre offers even greater flexibility for businesses that need support with sample collection for workplace drug and alcohol testing.

“This is especially useful for companies whose staff are working remotely, where testing for drugs and/or alcohol at the office isn’t an option. They can simply arrange a collection appointment for the staff member in question and utilise the expertise of one of our professional clinicians to ensure the sample is obtained correctly and in a timely manner.”.