A new approach to wellness in the workforce – addressing the elephant in the room

During this month of mental health awareness, Suicide or Survive is delighted to launch its brand new programme, Workplace Wellness,. Bringing a passion to promote positive mental health in the workplace, this practical programme is the result of extensive research and practical application, helping employers tackle the elephant too often found in the office; mental health.

Suicide or Survive understands that to find and vanquish this elephant, employers and their teams will need a range of tips, tools and techniques. Suicide or Survive’s new resource, designed especially for the workplace, is fact filled but fun, informal but informative and relaxed but real. Most importantly, it has been tested and it works. Workplace Wellness will support companies to build a mental health strategy which delivers not just immediate and longer term results, but generates a positive culture change within the office.

Caroline McGuigan, CEO of Suicide or Survive, said, “Suicide or Survive is delighted to launch its brand new Workplace Wellness programme today. Taking a positive approach to mental health in the workplace brings multiple benefits to both employees and employers, in the productivity, functionality and overall well-being of all staff. We often refer to mental health as being the elephant in the room that nobody wants to name or acknowledge. The problem with an elephant in the room is that it will eventually bump into you and more than likely hurt you in some way.”.

Aoife Ní Mhurchú, Head of Human Resources, Sky, said, “We weren’t sure what to expect when we first brought Suicide or Survive into our company, but have been overwhelmed by the positive impact. In addition to practical tools and tips for staff to manage their own wellness, we have seen a reduction in absenteeism and improvements in staff well-being across many areas including management relations, opportunities to grow and personal empowerment.