The Secret to Creating a Work-Life Balance

woman working from home under stress

by Lavinia Sanders,  CEO of Balance with Lavinia

What is the secret to creating a work-life balance? Today, with more people working from home this is a question that comes up daily. The arrival of Covid 19 back in March 2020, created global changes in the how businesses conduct their daytoday operations.  Creating a work life balance has never been more important for us all with more people splitting their week between working from home and in the office. So, what is the answer to creating a more balanced, fulfilling, and productive working environment that encourages happier and healthier employees and employers? 

The key to attaining a good work life balance is Energy. You need to manage your energy as well as managing your time. Energy is everything. Energy is currency. Yet today, even though energy is the central key to living a balanced life filled with vitality, happiness, passion and purpose, so many people complain of low energy or no energy. Anxiety and stress are at all-time high. Overwhelm is a daily occurrence for many people. People are tired, sick, stressed, exhausted, emotionally flat, lacking passion and because of this people are becoming bankrupt in the main ingredient of living a balanced life – Energy.

In my role as a trainer and facilitator, I have worked with large organisations such as the NHS and with a variety of smaller businesses to help them create a workplace environment that encourages and allows employees to become more motivated, more creative, more productive and to have more fun. If you want a happier working environment, you need to manage energy. High energy levels are vital for growth and expansion in business. You need to manage Physical Energy, Mental Energy, Emotional Energy and Spiritual Energy. Essentially you need to create balance in mind, body and soul.

There are simple techniques that you can introduce to your working environment that will encourage balance.

Physical Energy 

Walking and talking. Walking for 15 – 30 minutes when you are tired can be more effective than going for a cup of coffee. Walking reduces stress as it induces the release of endorphins into the body, which help you feel better and improves your mood. You feel motivated and more energised after a short walk. Walking can also help to clear your head and create clarity of mind.   

A policy of walking and talking could be introduced that would encourage staff to have a break from their screens and desks and go for a walk, and to use that time to conduct work business calls. To create a stronger team spirit in the office, consider introducing pop up walking challenges to encourage people to get their daily steps in. You can tie an incentive to the challenge and recognition based low cost prizes. There are apps that you can use and these apps help strengthen teamwork as well as promoting personal health benefits and wellbeing. 

Mental and Emotional Energy

The world of work has changed forever. Traditional ways of supporting your staff’s mental health may no longer work. What can you do to empower your employees and promote good mental health in the workplace? Workplaces with high levels of mental health wellbeing tend to be more productive, creative and have higher staff retention.

One tool that can help improve the mental health of employees is to turn off all notifications at the beginning of each day and engage in a mindfulness technique such as the T.E.A. method. The T.E.A. method is a technique I created that stands for Thoughts, Emotions and Aligned Actions. It is based on the principle that our thoughts and imagination create our reality, which affect our emotions and the actions we take. Follow these 3 steps to try:

1. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths into the body and 3 deep breaths out. Think about your day ahead and prioritise 3 things you would like to achieve. I would suggest two should be work related and one should be for your own personal enjoyment.

2. Now visualise in your mind your day going perfectly just as you would like to go. How do you feel? Do you feel a sense of achievement? Do feel happy? Do you feel proud of yourself? Do you feel successful?

3. What actions do you need to take today to achieve those 3 priorities you have set for yourself?? Are the actions you plan to take aligned with your end goals??

This simple exercise can help reduce stress, create clarity of mind and give your day a sense of focus. You will be consciously creating your day rather than subconsciously reacting to external circumstances. Clarity of mind provides creative, productive solutions to problems and situations.

The exercise can be repeated at the end of the day. Again, the important first step is to turn of notifications and take some time to reflect on the day and on what went well and what needs to be carried forward to the next day. Again, this can end your day and set up your intentions for the following day. It is very important to reflect on what went well during your day.

Spiritual Energy

When we think about energy we usually think about physical energy and often our spiritual energy is overlooked. What exactly is spiritual energy? Spiritual energy comes from within yourself, what do you value, how do things make you feel, what is your purpose? By practising the T.E.A. method you are managing your spiritual energy as well as your mental and emotional energy. By completing the T.E.A. method each morning, you are going within to consciously create your working and personal day. Thinking about how you want to feel and working out the aligned actions you need to take to achieve and create your objectives. You are less likely to be negatively impacted by external influences that are beyond your control.

Good mental health and good management go hand in hand. Organisations need to lead from the top down. Implementing small changes and introducing small company rituals can supercharge your workplace and your productivity. But for these changes to have an impact, senior members of your organisation need to be seen partaking to reinforce the importance. Leading from the top down will be congruent with creating a better working culture. Change starts at the top management levels, creating strong company values and paving the way for better work life balance for the whole company.

Lead well, work well, be well.

About the author

Lavinia Sanders is an No.1 International Best Selling Co-Author, an Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Energy Balancing Trainer, Reiki Master and Clarity Creator. Lavinia is passionate about helping people transform their lives and create more balance, confidence, abundance and freedom. Her simple 3 step method is a process you actively take part in to transform any doubts or fears that maybe blocking your success. Lavinia believes we all need to take responsibility for creating the life we want.
Lavinia is the CEO of Balance with Lavinia, you can find free resources as well as fully accredited workshops, retreats, on-line courses and one to one sessions in How to Live a Balanced Life