How to be Productive Before & After a Holiday

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by Moira Dunne, Productivity Consultant & Founder,

The days before a holiday are often the busiest of the year. We actually become super-productive as we crack through our To-Do list in an attempt to clear everything before we leave. We want to make sure that we have communicated with everyone, turned on the out-of-office message and tied up any loose ends. We become super focused. We are less likely to get distracted and we make the most of our time.

In contrast, during the first few days back in work our focus is usually low because we have switched off successfully during the break. Why not capitalise on the high focus before your leave to make your return to work a little easier? Here are some tips to be productive before & after a holiday.

1) Capture Everything Before Your Go

Before you finish, your workload is really clear in your head. This is a great time to make your master To-Do list – a central place for all those tasks, ideas and plans.

This frees up your brain and allows you to switch off more quickly once you finish work. And when you return refreshed from your holiday, this list will help you get back up to speed quickly.

2) Make a Plan for the First Week Back

Think about the first couple of days back before you finish up. Some people like to ease back into things with a low key schedule but I find the opposite works best for me.  I arrange a couple of key meetings so that I kick start myself back into a productive mode quickly. I may not feel like it on that first morning but by the end of the day, I am usually glad.

3) Resume Your Routines

It can take some time to get back into productive habits when you first return to work. Try to resume your daily routines on the first day back to work. Help yourself return to healthy eating habits with a visit to the supermarket to set yourself up for a productive week. Why not motivate yourself to return to good routines by arranging a treat at the end of the week? This will give you something to look forward to as the post-holiday blues try to take hold.

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