How to Hire the Right Employee

By Kevin Carter


No matter the type of business you run, it’s important that you hire quality employees to help your company grow. But finding the appropriate employee could be a more challenging job than you think.

While looking for employees to hire, you must scan the resumes of candidates, and learn more about them as people. Employees are often required to have certain skills for specific jobs. At the same time, they must fit in the company culture.

Here are some common hiring strategies that you can adopt to hire the best candidate.


1. Focus on the candidate’s potential

Personality is perhaps the most important trait to consider when looking for employees to hire. While having the right sets of skills is important, the fact is, skills can be acquired but personality can’t. Experts say that social intelligence, ability to navigate through social situations and working with others, is very important. As an employer, you must judge the social skills of the candidates. For instance, if they don’t make eye contact or can’t elaborate while answering queries, they may not be the person you’re looking for.


2. Check social media profiles

Background checks are undeniably important while looking for employees to hire. A quick search on Google with the candidate’s name could reveal some details. But you may unearth some important information or missing link by scanning the social media profiles of candidates. The behavior of a person on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. gives a good indication of how a person is like in real life, and whether that individual will be a good fit for your company.


3. Match the mindset to the job

A candidate’s mindset is another important factor to consider. You may not want to hire a person with negative traits for tending your elderly parents. But it may not be an entirely bad idea to hire such a person, who may be honest in observations, for your new clothing line. It’s the job that determines the type of person you’ll require. A person fit for a particular company, may not be fit for another organization. Personality traits are a big factor while looking for employees to hire.


4. Ask the right questions

Well, you possibly can’t ask people whether they are a jerk. But you can certainly ask questions that’ll help you to figure out on your own. If you ask, why they left their last job and if they blame another person for their exit, follow it up with another similar query. If they continue blaming external forces for their problems, you may have to look for another candidate for the job.


5. Allow candidates to interview you

Don’t be the only one shooting questions. It’s important that the candidate understands your work environment as well. Be honest and open during an interview. Let it be an interactive session instead of a typical interview. Give the candidate a realistic outlook of your company. With candidates asking you questions, you’ll get to know what’s important to them, and what they value most in your company.



You may take the help of manpower agencies to hire the right employee. Many agencies also train candidates before putting them up for interview.


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