The Interview Series – Season 2. Dr. Paul Cummins, SeaChange Ltd.

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The Interview Series – Season 2. Dr. Paul Cummins, SeaChange Ltd.

In our latest podcast, Dr. Paul Cummins of SeaChange Ltd. chats to Declan about Loss Time Incidents and their cost to businesses; behaviour based vs traditional approaches to Health & Safety; insurance costs; engaging with staff and leaderships role in H&S; near miss catches; the ROI of good safety…..and much more….





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We’re passionate about helping organisations establish and sustain a real and lasting Safety Culture

80-90% of all workplace accidents are behaviour-based and yet 90% of H&S investment by organisations focuses on everything but changing behaviour! Folders, videos, memos and lectures about policies, procedures and standards are not the catalyst for real and lasting change. People drive change. To create change you need to firstly understand, engage and inspire people. Then, secondly, provide practical, visual, bespoke Risk Management systems which organically become part of how people think and work. We don’t just tick the H&S box, we help organisations do both and achieve real and lasting Safety Culture change. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN THE CURE