Building High Performing, Flexible Work Cultures

by Jen Arnold, MS, RD/LDN

Cali Williams Yost, CEO and Founder of Flex and Strategy Group, makes a bold statement….employers aren’t going to be able to attract workers under the age of 35 if they don’t incorporate flexible work.

Cali helps leaders of traditional businesses build high performance flexible work cultures that attract and retain talent, optimize resources, increase productivity and improve well-being.

For more than two decades, she has provided leaders and employees with the insights, skills and tools to confidently embrace flexibility in the way work is done.

Flexible work is Cali’s jam and she is such a dynamo. In this interview we talk about the benefits of a flexible work culture, how it impacts well-being, what employers forget when implementing a flexible work strategy and she ends with two tangible tips – one for you as an individual and one for your org.

Cali makes a great point about flexible work…it’s not just work from home. There are many ways to incorporate flexible work within organizations. Also, she does a great job answering a question I had about hospital systems and how flexible work applies to the healthcare industry.