What To Do When You’re Struggling To Move Forward In Your Career

By Duncan Brodie


As an accountant or professional you probably are pretty ambitious and want to progress as far as you can in your career. Trouble is desire and what actually happens can sometimes be very different.

I have seen many good accountants and professionals struggle to move forward in their career. Equally I have known many who were not the best accountants (including me) who actually achieved great results in their career.

So if you are struggling to move forward in your career, what should you do to change the situation?

Get some honest feedback

A lot of people are reluctant to ask for feedback. They worry that what they will get back is a lot of negativity. In reality we are often our own biggest critics. By actively seeking feedback you will discover things that others see as strengths that you might not be recognising.

Discover what it takes to succeed at the next level

Simply speaking to people who are at the level you aspire to reach can make a huge difference. After all armed with this knowledge you can start to make plans and take action to acquire the right skills and attributes.

Be more targeted

Accountants rightly say their skills are transferable between industries and sectors. I would agree with that. Trouble is many recruiters and even employers don’t always see it that way.

It’s all too easy to end up wasting time, energy and effort going for roles where in the eyes of the recruiter.

Drop the spray and hope approach and start being more targeted.

Revamp your CV

A CV should showcase what you have achieved and what you have to offer. If there is one part on CV’s that tends to be the weakest it’s achievements. Perhaps accountants and professionals are a little bit reluctant to talk about achievements.

Trouble is if you’re not showcasing you and others are demonstrating their achievements and value better than you, they will get the interview invites.

Prepare more for job interviews

This is a big one. I’ve asked hundreds of accountants and professionals how long they spend preparing for job interviews. A small percentage spend any significant amount of time preparing. Then they are surprised how badly they do on the day.

If you’re professional you recognise that this is a major investment decision. Prepare in a way that recognises this.

Take personal responsibility

It might be easy to look for a whole host of reasons why you are struggling. The time is not right, employers don’t get you and what you have to offer, you have the wrong experience, qualifications, etc.

You can however focus on this or take responsibility for changing things.


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