Jobs of the Future

by Ruaidhri Horan, Marketing Manager, Abrivia Recruitment

Everyone talks about jobs being lost due to automation but very few focus on future opportunities for humans as a result of the same technologies. According to Dell Technologies, 85% of jobs in 2030 have not been invented yet. Some of the possible new jobs that will exist in 2030 are detailed below:

1. Robopsychologists

Robots, based on algorithms, may run into learning difficulties in the future which cannot be easily resolved by new algorithms. Robopsychologists may be required to assess and adjust a robot’s learning pattern so it is more aligned with humans, allowing companies to manufacture more efficient and cost-effective robots. (Source: MarketWatch)

2. Digital Therapists

For humans, being connected 24/7 to a multitude of devices may lead to stress and anxiety. This is where digital detoxification specialists will come into their own, who will come up with plans to address the source of this new stress.

For others, who work in jobs that can be easily automated having their jobs either partially or fully replaced by artificial intelligence may cause mental health issues. Hence, in the future I estimate there will be huge demand for digital therapists.

3.Tourism Operators

As a result of delegation of tasks to AI, it is estimated that people in the future will have more free time to go on holidays. As Artificial Intelligence is not good on human empathy there should be a huge surge in tourist related jobs requiring humans.

4.Sustainable Energy Specialists

The demand for sustainable energy will rise significantly by 2030 as the earth’s population continues to grow. The current population of the earth is 7.6 billion people. The UN predicts that the earths population could reach 8.5 billion people by 2030, an increase of nearly 12%.

For example, Dubai has one of the largest solar energy plants and plans to generate 78% of its electricity from this sustainable solar source by 2050. Your job as a sustainable energy specialist may incur a lot of travel in your attempt to replicate the Dubai type model globally.

5. Follow Up Medical Professionals

As automation creeps into medical diagnostics the human interaction will lessen. However, it is one thing getting a comprehensive diagnosis course of action from a medical smartwatch, which monitors your key attributes 24/7 to ensuring that you are following medical advice. This is where follow up medical professionals who possess that fantastic human soft skill called “empathy” come into their own.

6. AI Privacy Specialists

Are you interested in the legal profession with a strong understanding of Artificial Intelligence? Then this could be the job of the future for you. Fortune recently reported that GDPR has made machine learning manufacturing very complex as many of the #algorithms are using Big Data to improve and update themselves to make machine learning more efficient. Are an individual’s privacy rights being infringed in this process? This is where the new AI Privacy specialists come in.

7. Marketing Analytics Strategic Executives

By 2030, there is a risk that marketers will be overwhelmed by data. Converting all this fantastic data into actionable strategies may create a new role for marketing analytics strategic executives.

8. Ultimate Decision Makers

AI may churn out several options for many difficult situations and challenges, but humans, who possess critical thinking, and strategic thinking combined with soft skills will be required to make the ultimate decision in many cases.

9. IOT Maintenance Technicians

With your fridge becoming an interactive device with a screen display on the front door, who will fix this device if something malfunctions? This is when you call your IOT maintenance technician who may be able to fix your device remotely or may need to call over to your house to install a replacement component.

10. AI Delegation Broker

You work on 80 hours per week and cannot afford to hire extra staff. An AI delegation broker may need to be called in order to assess what part of your workload may be automated and offloaded to machines. Your work-life balance could improve dramatically along with job satisfaction. The AI delegation broker, just like an insurance broker, will get a fee from yourself and a commission from the automation providers he/she has in his/her portfolio.

The above list is just a small sample of jobs that could be in demand in 2030. I am sure there will be thousands of other opportunities for those who stay ahead of the curve.