Develop A Networking Plan

By Chi Chi Okezie


There is definitely an art to networking. Being prepared, having goals and creating a plan are critical steps toward success. But many times,we lack a method or strategy for meeting people and establishing networks. Have a systematic structure in place not only promotes discipline and accountability but offers flexibility for navigating challenges.

Listed below are practical tips for recognizing a format for your advancement and future achievements.

Be Purpose Oriented

Before you draft a plan for networking, reflect upon your purpose. Why do you want to grow your networks? What will be the result(s) of joining a particular organization or group? What do you hope to gain from the experience or journey? How will this impact your academics, career or business? Giving careful and constructive thought enables you to see the big picture.

Be People Oriented

Networking is not just about attending events. It is focused on building quality and meaningful relationships. Whether these connections are long or short term, it involves precise execution. Developing a rapport can also build your personal brand and credibility with others. In your agenda, include attending events where you meet like minded individuals. These people should share your values and also want to support you.

Be Goal Oriented

A missing link to networking is not setting proper, timely and effective goals. Whether it is creating a timeline or objectives, have a target for your purpose. Make sure it is scalable and aligns with your focal points. Your goals should be made according to your interests or desires.

Use these helpful suggestions and advice to master the art of networking. Be intentional about putting forth every effort and taking advantage of opportunities for success.



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