10 Qualities and Skills Your Next-Gen Project Manager Should Have

By Sebastien Boyer


What are these core qualities and skills that the next generation project management head should have?

1. Management Ability.

Motivating a team to focus on the job and achieve the project goal is one of the project administrator’s basic tasks. Moreover, the ability to make the team collaborate with each other effectively is a bigger task. It is very important for next generation management.

2. People/Interpersonal Skills.

A person who has the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with fellow members as well as stakeholders is essential to become an effective next-gen project manager.

3. Emotional Intelligence.

A person who is emotionally intelligent can easily identify verbal and non-verbal elements that can help him in the project planning.

4. Adaptive Communication.

Next generation project management consists of leaders who are articulate in the way they express their insights using the most effective communication methods for each group of people.

5. Business Oriented.

The next-gen project manager is knowledgeable of how a business operates. He has business acumen that gives him the strategic and tactical skills that can help him understand the details of the project easily.

6. Adaptability and Flexibility.

Change is constant and the modern project leader needs to adapt to the industry trends as well as become flexible to change his approach to suit the business needs.

7. Results-Oriented.

The next generation project management works with the end in mind. Hence, tasks are being done efficiently so that the end-result is effective.

8. Customer centered.

Customer satisfaction is important. The new manager has the ability to understand the end customers’ needs so that he is able to pattern the end product to satisfy them.

9. Ethical Character.

Aside from all the other qualities and skills, the next generation manager needs to have an enthusiastic personality as well as a credible and ethical character.

10. Logical and Analytical Skills.

The next-gen project leader can analyze things to make sound decisions.

With all these qualities and skills, the project manager of the next generation knows how to schedule the project tasks as well as allocate resources properly. He knows that knowledge and experience in budgeting and risk management are essential, so he studies on them and gains the relevant experience to become more effective in his job. He also understands the importance of managing the team, change, and issue that come along the way.

The next-gen project administrator is one who has all these essential traits and qualities that can help him propel the project into maximum performance.

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