New guide shows how to conduct video interviewing more effectively

Video assessments can transform the hiring process but only if recruiters specifically define the job competencies and use a data-driven approach, claims assessment specialist cut-e.

The company has published a new guide which highlights nine advantages of data-driven video assessment for organisations and three key benefits for candidates. Called Achieving data-driven video assessment: Today and tomorrow, it provides advice on administering video assessments and what to look for when choosing a platform. The guide also examines how video assessment will evolve in the future, with the ongoing growth of Artificial Intelligence and automated scoring.

To identify the right candidates, the new guide warns that recruiters must define the specific competencies, behaviours and attributes that are required in each role. Unless candidates are specifically rated against these requirements, video assessments can be susceptible to conscious and unconscious bias.

The guide highlights that video assessment platforms can help recruiters to define the relevant competencies and customise the content with employer branding and additional messages. The platforms compile the ratings for each candidate and create customisable reports.

According to the guide, the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence is further improving the speed and efficiency of video assessment.

cut-e’s new guide Achieving data-driven video assessment: Today and tomorrow can be freely downloaded from

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