Job candidates will ‘tune out’ if assessments have too much gamification, claims new paper

The challenges of choosing between the different gamification options, when assessing job candidates, are highlighted in a new white paper from assessment specialist cut-e.

Called Gamification in assessment, the paper distinguishes between games, gamified assessments and game-based assessments. It explains that games are primarily used for pre-application attraction, whereas gamified assessments can be used to select candidates. These are proven psychometric instruments which feature game-style elements. Game-based assessments are defined separately as purpose-built games which assess the user’s behaviour while ‘playing’ the game.

The new paper reveals that – according to cut-e’s research – certain game-style elements are seen as attractive by job candidates. For example, candidates like completing designated challenges that unlock different levels and enable them to progress. They also like receiving immediate feedback. However, anything which identifies too strongly as a ‘game’ is perceived as inappropriate for recruitment and unprofessional.

Seven practical steps are listed in the paper, to help HR and talent teams identify and implement the right gamification solution. These include: look for evidence that the assessment will measure what it claims to assess; ensure that the assessment feels appropriate to the role; give every applicant an equal chance of success, with no adverse impact, and explain to your candidates what you’re assessing and how their performance data will be used.

cut-e’s new paper Gamification in assessment can be freely downloaded here

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