Irish Women returning to work have concerns over childcare and work / life balance

According to research commissioned by New Ireland Assurance in conjunction with eumom (77%) of Irish women who return to work are concerned about work/life balance and (75%) are anxious about childcare arrangements, working arrangements are a concern for half (46%).

Some 1,375 mothers who recently returned to work or currently are on maternity/career leave were surveyed.

Oonagh Kelly, Head of HR, New Ireland Assurance commented: “These research findings paint a vivid picture of how women feel about the prospect of returning to work. After a career break or maternity leave, both men and women should feel supported throughout the process by their employer. The research shows an appetite for employees to be kept in the loop before coming to work; a simple induction meeting to cover company news or a ‘buddy’ system so the person is paired up with a colleague who has been through a similar experience.”

For further information on research see New Ireland Assurance/eumom

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