What To Look For in Sourcing Software


by Winston J Pancake

· Is the software built for recruiters? Giant HR software suites are very popular because many companies are under the impression that they are a one-stop shop for Human Resources. This is very deceptive; recruiters’ tasks get lost in the bustle of features intended for other employees in the department. You must ensure that your job can be completed with a platform specifically made for recruiters.

· Does it help you complete all your tasks? Your job revolves mainly around talent acquisition. Your software should be the same way, covering everything from finding talent to the hiring process. A truly great recruiting solution will take out all of the complexity of integration with applicant tracking systems, employee referral programs, and talent sourcing tools. You should also be able to set up engagement campaigns that allow you to maintain great relationships with your candidate pool.

· Does it put a priority on innovative technology? If you keep up with hiring and job seeker trends, you know that the market is changing very quickly. This, in turn, makes it very important for you as a recruiter to modify your strategies as the market’s tendencies shift. Your sourcing software needs to reflect the changes and should be up-to-date technology.

· Is it an easy, intuitive solution? If your colleagues cannot use the software solution, it will be rendered useless. Effective recruiting tools must be naturally simple to learn and deploy so that you can get to the useful features without opening third-party applications. This way, your team and other employees involved in the hiring process can utilize the system without much trouble, which looks good on your part. Make your coworkers happy by choosing an easy-to-use technology solution.

Sourcing software is not and never will be an HR management suite because it is focused on talent acquisition. As a recruiter, you should not have to wade through heaps of general Human Resources applications meant for HR personnel, such as payroll, benefits packages, onboarding, and employee management. You need to focus solely on sourcing, interacting with, and hiring the best candidates in your field. Urge your organization to find the support of a comprehensive sourcing software solution that is built for recruiting and recruiting only.

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