Lack of Recognition is Biggest Barrier to Engagement for Irish Workers

The Achievers’ Engagement & Retention Report surveyed more than 2,500 workers in four countries (1,005 in the UK, 503 in Ireland, 506 in Belgium and 502 in the Netherlands). The Irish survey findings reveal that:

  • Less than a quarter of Irish employees (22 per cent) plan to look for a new job this year – although this did prove a higher proportion than was seen in the UK (19 per cent), Belgium (18 per cent) and the Netherlands (18 per cent)
  • A third of Irish workers described themselves as very engaged and committed to their company for the long term
  • However, 18 per cent of workers described themselves as disengaged, with 8 per cent going as far as to say they are completely disengaged and already looking elsewhere
  • The single biggest factor pinpointed by Irish workers as hindering their engagement with their job was feeling underappreciated for their contributions, with 24 per cent selecting this option

The report findings also provide insight into employee engagement, retention, recognition, remuneration and work/life balance within each country surveyed, as well as the differing attitudes towards those topics across the four countries. Please see below link to download the Employee Engagement and Retention report to access all key findings and stats available for Ireland.

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