5 Top HR Technology Tools

by Laura Belyea, COO at Talivest

What is technology? One can agree that technology is the application of scientific knowledge to streamline practical knowledge. The trick these days is now how to effectively perform and execute your corporate strategic objectives. Or more simply, how to link that technology to your business goals in the most effective way to aid your business.

Any time an industry or business faces monumental and rapid changes, employees experience them too, and the importance of HR intensifies. Therefore, the importance of progressive HR and merging that into technology apps that assist and streamline the knowledge faster and more efficiently is vital to success.

Here are 5 top HR Technology tools on the market.

1. Sage Payroll

What is it? Web-based payroll app
Ideal for: Small and medium size companies in various industries
Access: Web based browser or mobile device
How does it work? Employees can be paid through direct deposit, pay cards or company checks. It also has the ability to produce full service reports. Can be used to tackle overtime, tardiness and many other HR functions
Why is it important? Payroll is an essential element for any company. One of the biggest no no’s in business is to mess with employees pay. Streamline and be accountable for wages.

2. Bamboo HR

What is it? Cloud based software that offers an HRIS
Ideal for: Small and medium business running in different countries
Accessible in several languages and multiple currencies.
Access: Web based browser
How does it work? Ideal to track all aspects of employee lifecycle (from hiring to termination).
Why is it important? Allows HR professionals to track organisational data such as employee retention. Offers customisation services, multiple users.

3. ADP Workforce

What is it? Multifaceted program that enables human resources management,
payroll, benefits, talent management, labour standards,
benchmarking, etc.
Ideal for: Companies with more than 50 employees
Access: Web based browser and mobile device
How does it work? Built on a single database synchronising across different applications to help minimise administrative tasks and enables HR professionals to focus on strategic services.
Why is it important? Can integrate with other ADP existing apps. Enables self-service tools for management and employee access. Offers access to community support with 50,000+ other clients.

4. Greenhouse

What is it? Applicant tracking system. Focuses solely on recruitment and
selection tasks of Human Resources Management.
Ideal for: Small, Medium & Large companies
Access: Web based application and mobile device
How does it work? Integrated platform that enables various recruitment activities all in one service. The technology finds candidates in various sources (job boards, career fairs, referrals, etc.). Recruiters can also use platform to post job advertisements on external websites (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.). Job postings can also be shared on social media networking sites (LinkedIn, etc.).
Why is it important? Streamlining recruitment and selection process frees up significant time of HR professionals and keeps tasks progressive.

5. Planday Software

What is it? Scheduling application
Ideal for: Small, Medium, Large companies
Access: Web based application
How does it work? Application allows managers to oversee employee hours, vacation requests, payroll and employee communication.
Why is it important? Saves time! Companies can copy schedules and view all aspects of personal matters related to employees in one place. By providing overview all in one place, it does not waste time with schedule overlaps or extra scheduling which means increased payroll expenses for the employer.

About the author
Laura’s role is to successfully support the growth and strategy for Talivest, as well as provide product support with her expertise within the HR industry. Previously posts were director of HR & operations in Telefonica, Elizabeth Arden and ICON