CSO figures show 32,964 days lost to industrial disputes in 2015

According to figures released this week by the CSO during 2015 there were 32,964 days lost to industrial disputes. This compares with 44,015 days lost in 2014. There were a total of nine industrial disputes in 2015 compared with eleven in 2014. The nine disputes in progress in 2015 involved 37,760 workers and nine firms, whereas 31,665 workers and eleven firms were involved in industrial disputes in 2014. Three disputes in the Education sector accounted for 73% of the days lost in 2015, with 23,960 of the 32,964 total days lost

The information on Industrial Disputes was based on details supplied by the Industrial Relations Section, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and on information collected directly from other sources by the Central Statistics Office.

Disputes were included in this release if they involve a stoppage of work lasting for at least one day and the total time lost is 10 or more person-days.