Future of Robots and AI in the Workplace examined by HR forum

According to a paper written by the Future of Work Institute over 20% of jobs may be performed by machines in 20 years time. The Future of Work Institute was set up in 2014 by Cpl, its sole objective is that of identifying future work trends and also to support companies with future proofing their workplaces regarding finding talent and succession planning.
At the launch recently at special HR forum hosted by Cpl attendees heard how machines are rapidly advancing on many routine human tasks – and this will only increase exponentially in the coming years. Clients are already preparing themselves for the advance of robots, machines and Artificial Intelligence. 

One piece of good news is that there are still plenty of jobs for humans and many of the jobs being lost focus more on processing and repetitive tasks. This increasingly highlights the importance for companies to focus on their talent strategy with machines and Artificial Intelligence in mind. 
Peter Cosgrove, Director of Cpl and Founder of the Future of Work Institute in Ireland commenting on the report said, “The findings in this paper are an interesting insight into future trends in attracting and managing the workforce.  But it also highlights how employers have a long way to go in future proofing their businesses in order to cater for the new order in workforce diversity, age ranges, locations, and in anticipation of Artificial Intelligence and robots carrying out some duties within employee job specifications or replacing people altogether. Brexit and the Trump presidency also have an impact.”

The report predicts that diversity will become one of the critical focuses for 2017 with creativity becoming of vital importance, a diverse workforce has now become a business necessity as opposed to a ‘nice-to-have’. The report also indicates the demand for top talent has reached an all-time competitive high with huge premiums paid for those creative and innovative employees.

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