Top 7 Customer Feedback Software for Online Survey

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by Chanakya Kyatham

With online survey tools, you can ask the right questions and receive relevant answers that are within context using unobtrusive questions. A thorough understanding of these answers gives you insights regarding consumer behaviour and visitor intentions. On-page surveys through pop-ups are one of the most predominant methods of online surveys used for collecting customer feedback. The better the online surveys of your business merge with your websites, the more would be the delight factor of your customers at the time of giving feedback, thereby improving the response rates.


piHappiness is an integrated multichannel system of survey. Receive perfect visibility of your customer’s opinion using our tracker platform that is multichannel. Preside on it and operate all the feedbacks that you received in a single platform and receive a total analysis report in your dashboard view. Check your personal links, email, anonymous links, SMS, Scan QR codes, and social media. 


The work of this software is to merge design and functionality. It allows you to ask one question at one time to the users, such that it seems like a real conversation. On the technical front, it remains a simplistic web-based app you could use to create apps or surveys without writing any kind of code. This blend of low technology on the front side teamed with sturdy results in the backend ends up giving high rates of completion.


This software builds newer ways for people to share their opinions and voices. They combined one enterprise-grade platform with a suite of specialized customer experience and market research solutions, with multiple integrations that remain business-critical. Their products along with solutions are designed in such a way that they put the power of feedback in the onus of organizations that come with all sizes.


This is a powerful survey, including NPS, plus a feedback management app that would help you capture more numbers of customer insights and deliver an extensive customer experience. Survicate is a brand that offers a website, web app, also in-app surveys, link surveys, and email, along with mobile app surveys for iOS and Android. Survicate has two standalone products in its repository – a feedback hub to manage the customer feedback from several sources in a single place, feedback button towards collecting quick feedback of the website.


This is a versatile plus easily usable survey made for marketers, educators, event planners, and businesses. It is a drag-and-drop UI that’s used for creating surveys that pick customer feedback, conduct market research, measure all students how they performed, and achieve several goals. This Survey Maker helps users create also design online surveys of every type- complex or simple. It allows users to choose completely customizable survey templates. Also, the tool could be integrated with another highly powerful tool, that allows you to track all the incoming customer concerns and analyze the pain points of the customers better.


Earlier known as PollDaddy, this software can create surveys along with polls that your business website can use. The polls designed by this software are flexible and simple, enabling you to customize whatever styles th