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Committed to Hospitality – Better for Ireland

by John Fingleton – Hospitality development and recruitment consultant. Having returned home to Ireland in 2012 I found a very different country to the one...

Why Good Employees Don’t Stay for Longer

By Robert G. Little Great employees are meant for great companies. Every company you make your way towards, you'll hear bosses complaining of how their employees...

The Candidate Experience Lie (Part 1)

By The Jerk Recruiter I love discussions in the corporate environment around candidate experience. HR folk and recruiters alike will tell you how important a good...

8 Great Reasons to stay in your current role

By Aileen Hallahan, Director, TalentScope Recruitment Solutions We all from time to time toy with the notion of changing jobs and leaving our current employer....

Spotlight: The Accountancy Sector

Having specialised in accountancy recruitment for over 17 years, our very own Kieran McKeown discusses career opportunities in the accountancy sector across a variety...

Pharmaceutical Employment Opportunities – are they falling off a cliff?

by Cormac Spencer, Consultant and Director with Link Personnel Services It’s a much-touted fact used by government agencies promoting the attractiveness of Ireland as a...

It’s a candidates market once more

By BrianMcFadden, Recruiters In recruitment, we tend to label the market as candidate or client driven, among other things. In tough economic times, when jobs...

Recruitment Consultancy is the best job ever!

By Brian McFadden, Recruiters I've been working in the recruitment industry for 20 years – and still love it. Curiously however, people often talk down...

“Recruitment consultants are only motivated by Money.” Really?

By Brian McFadden, Recruiters Many recruitment consultants and potential recruiter candidates say they are really motivated by money because "it’s OK to say it in...

Returning to Ireland for work?

By Aoife Conway, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant, Vantage Resources Travelling and working abroad is one of the most enriching and challenging experiences but, at some point...