Advancing Health & Well-being through Employer Leadership

by Jen Arnold, MS, RD/LDN

Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is the vice president of research at HERO (Health Enhancement Research Organization), where she oversees the direction and execution of the HERO research agenda.
Jessica loves research and has a lot of publications to her name to prove it. In this conversation, Jessica and I talk about what drew her into research, the evolution of the wellness field, and a bit more about HERO.
With all the talk about throwing ROI out of the wellness conversation, Jessica makes some great points about it and what to consider when measuring ROI successfully. We talk VOI and something she said really stands out to me – identify your stakeholders and identify what they care about. What they want to see as a result of your wellness efforts.
Jessica also tells us what ½ of the companies who fill out the HERO scorecard are missing (and her advice for fixing it).

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