Mindfulness Tips for Remote Workers

by Grainne Toher, Founder, Yogapal

Joining Facebook, Twitter and Shopify, Siemens are the latest company to announce that a portion of its employees can work from home forever – see Silicon Republic report*. Many companies who believed full remote working would never be a fit for their business are reportedly delighted to find out how effective it is. According to an Irish Times feature**, operational and productivity fears have largely been allayed with employers becoming decidedly more agile and noting the opening up of new talent pools who can remote work.

Workers with high childcare costs and/or long commutes are likely to welcome the prospect of working from home indefinitely, whilst single person households may struggle with the isolation and lack of social opportunities. A back to basics mindfulness approach will help a regular practitioner make the best they can of their particular situation.

Practicing mindfulness techniques will help remote workers be more effective, more content and more present, whilst enabling them to separate both their home and their work life. Here are 6 of our favourite mindfulness tips for work.

1. Keep a mindfulness journal of thoughts, feelings and moods, this practice will serve to remove your from feelings of being overwhelmed and train you to become the objective observer of your mind and self, giving you back a degree of control over the controllables;

2. During the working day, commit to avoiding trying to tackle and fix all the big issues in your life, instead go through each day as contentedly as you can, moment by moment. Maintaining health and productivity will be a sufficient win;

3. From your overall list of job tasks, make a daily work to-do list, note the main tasks for completion that day, schedule responding to emails, unscheduled calls and texts in blocks;

4. Find a quiet chair somewhere in your home or garden and simply connect with your breath once a day;

5. Return to the quiet chair once a day and observe your body part by part, start on one side from the foot all the way up to the crown of the head and work your way all around to the other side so that you have scanned the whole body.

6. At the close of each day, reflect and recall one or two of the lovelier moments, e.g. an unexpected laugh, a phone call from an old acquaintance, the banana bread or sour dough you perfected (Go You!), or even a moment where you noticed nature.

Stay well and safe.


** https://www.irishtimes.com/special-reports/new-future-of-work/the-lockdown-has-shown-employers-there-are-benefits-to-remote-working-1.4279631

About the author
With a corporate career of almost thirty years within Sales, HR, Legal, Operational Risk and Banking environments, Grainne knows the wellness needs of both employees and their employers. A teacher member of British Wheel of Yoga and an associate member of the Association for Yoga Studies, Grainne has been teaching since 2012. Grainne is also an insured and accredited Instructor of Mat Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness.
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