Customisable game offers a flexible way to deliver engaging assessment

A customisable, online game-based assessment, which has the appeal of a game and allows recruiters to embed specific ability tests and other measures, has been launched by assessment specialist cut-e.

Called playAssess, it involves an alien named Odd who has invaded Earth and taken over the top floor of a skyscraper. To save the city, job candidates have to get into the building’s elevator and complete a series of challenges, set by Odd. Each challenge is one of cut-e’s assessments. cut‑e provides 30 different ability tests, covering verbal and numerical abilities, abstract logical abilities, special knowledge/skills and specific cognitive abilities such as reaction speed and multi-tasking. Any of these tests – and any other cut-e assessment – can be embedded into the cover story of playAssess, to provide job-relevant insights and an enhanced candidate experience.

Completing each test moves the elevator further up the building; however it will stop when the next challenge is set. When all of the tests are finished, the candidate finally confronts Odd, who retreats back into his spaceship and flies home.

Available in 15 languages, playAssess is optimised to run on all types of devices. Candidates will therefore receive exactly the same testing experience on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The system will check to confirm whether all of the chosen tests are smartphone-compatible before allowing the candidate to continue. If a certain test is incompatible with a smartphone, candidates will be asked to use a tablet, laptop or desktop instead

For further information about gamification and game-based assessment, please visit cut-e

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